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Air Space Issues

Flyway Issues

The increased use of county air space by airplanes and the subsequent noise is an emerging issue that Boulder county residents might have to consider when buying a home; especially if it is near an airport crash zone. Below are telephone contacts for the airport nearest you. These airports can only be reached by answering machine on the weekends.


In the future, we will provide more maps of restricted air spaces.
Boulder County
Most small airplanes fly out of this airport. You see some of them pulling gliders up to the Flatirons.
Airport manager-Ray Grundy
ph. 440*7065
pg.426*9823 Go to map of Boulder Co. Flyway
Vance Brand-Longmont
Airport manager-Katherine Wissner ph. 651*8431
Administration ph. 466*2314 Control tower- 466*3546


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