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Grandpa has a brand new shed.....

March 1996
Thanks to the good work from a local radio station, a local shed manufacturer (Tuff Shed), and a stalwart group of volunteers......Grandpa has some digs to be proud of! The group of volunteers that showed up throughout the day was a merry and hard working crew. Three of the first to arrive....Jack Giambrone of Horizon Drywall, Tom Holzer (also a drywaller...;-), and Greg Durocher got to join in the caravan up the mountain to Grandpa Bredo's and clean up the winter's damage. The view from Grandpa's is a pretty nice backdrop...

The Saga of Grandpa Bredo Continues...!

As time continues to pass....more and more people are becoming interested in Grandpa's welfare. It's as if Grandpa Bredo has more charisma dead than most people have alive! There's something about helping someone that never _asks_ for help....yet really n eeds it. Everyone wants to do their part in helping an unusual fellow realize his dream.....

If you wish to donate to the Grandpa Bredo Dry Ice Fund (This is _not_ a slush fund!.....;-) contact us here and you can receive a bona fide piece of the Ice Man's former Abode! Suitable for framing..... ..!!

The following people/organizations have joined in the effort to help keep grandpa cool.....

Carbonic Reserves
Carbonic Reserves has donated an entire load...a half Ton!!
Mountain Ear
The Mountain Ear has donated copy space for coverage of all events!
For the moment....

Bredo is resting quietly after all the excitement of his House Raising. There are plans afoot to try and contact Bredo to find out what he thinks of his new house...As of this time however, all we can say is that as occasional visitors, we sure like seein g him in his structurally superior new dwelling.....;-)

We now have information from GrandPa Bredo, himself!

Several representatives from the Rocky Mountain Psychic Institute were able to get Impressions from Bredo
Come inside Grandpa's house and see how he......rests!