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Delta environmental is a professional environmental consulting company that specializes in:

Environmental and Ecological Investigations

Non-toxic Construction
Environmental Assessments
Ecological Consulting Services

Delta Tech is based in Boulder County, Colorado.

Environmental and Ecological Investigations

Delta Tech has performed numerous investigations of environmental and ecological phenomena for such diverse clients as the City of Superior, Boulder County Open Space, Coburn Development, First National Bank, Brun Construction, Luggage Depot, Jarrow Montessori School, as well as for many private individuals.

For more information on Delta Investigations, email us here

Environmental Assessments

DTI has fully certified Environmental Inspectors that are capable of performing Phase I, Phase II and supervising Phase III Environmental Assessments according to ASTM standards.

DTI can also perform preliminary surveys and EIS, according to EPA standards.

DTI offers Inspection Services to both Property Owners and potential property owners, with an emphasis on environmental and Non-Toxic Construction parameters

For more information, or to schedule an assessment, contact us

Non-Toxic Construction

Non-Toxic Construction involves environmentally sound construction practices, avoiding an entire gamut of potential hazardous substances found in many common construction products.

People with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) are particularly concerned with this and we urge them to consider us for consultations before you enter into preliminary architectural discussions for new structures or purchase agreements on existing structures.

Ecological Services

DTI can provide a full range of ecological services. One of our specialties is in the area of EMF. Another speciality is Water and Water District Operations.

Most people are not aware of the difference between environmental and ecological.

Environmental refers to the condition of the environment surrounding the object in question, whether it's an organism or a location. It tends to be somewhat dynamic in nature, since things are always in flux, but a 'snapshot' may be taken at a ny time for reference.

Ecological, on the other hand, refers more to the nature of the relationship between organisms and between environments, and as such is extremely dynamic and difficult to capture at any one time. The only true ecologist is a Planetary Ecologist. All ecological systems are intimately bound together and dependent on each other.

As Ecologists, We at DTI are also more concerned with the concepts of baubiologie and Feng Shui than are most Environmentalists.

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Baubiologie is the German discipline/philosophy of treating the living space as a whole entity. It roughly translates as biologically sensitive architecture. It takes into consideration the many different things that affect a persons daily living c onditions that are directly related to the 'health' of the structure they live/work in.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an Oriental discipline that takes into consideration all the energy flows in a living space and the effects that object placement has on them.